Winter is finally over, and we don’t know about you, but it feels as though the past 18 months has been a never-ending cycle of dry shampoo and messy buns. Some of us might still be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shake off the COVID blues by getting our locks ready for a post-lockdown, fresh, new season look! 

Spring and Summer are a welcome change … with our days about to become longer, brighter, and warmer, it’s time to start thinking about repairing the damage from the dry Winter air and freezing temperatures. And, of course, the new season Style Cuts we can try out! 

BEWARE! The change in weather can do significant damage to your hair if you’re not prepared. 

Start with a Style Cut 
The cooler weather is slowly retreating so what better way to celebrate than with a fresh new Style Cut? Say bye-bye to dry, damaged ends and start the season off with a Spring in your strands. Just one trim can make you feel fresh and ready to take on the harsher conditions. 

Fight the Frizz!
The heat may be a welcome change for some, but it always comes with a little bit of humidity and a lot of frizz, especially for our Curly Haired guys and gals. Check out our Fight the Frizz Blog Post, and you’ll be one step ahead of the heat!

Treatment Time 
Conditioning your hair sounds obvious for avoiding dry ends, but it is even more critical to moisturise your hair in the Spring, so it’s strong enough to survive the Summer. Invest in an intensive hair conditioner for the season with JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask to nourish, soften and strengthen your hair.

Ultimate UV Protection
The sun will damage your hair just as it will damage your skin. Slathering your skin with SPF 30 won’t do much for your hair, but the duo of JUSTICE Professional Platinum Conditioning Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner will aid in minimising the sun’s effects, energising, and improving the quality and condition of your hair. 

Slather and Swim 
As the weather heats up, it can be tempting to go for a dip in the pool or down at the beach. But don’t forget that it is SO important to condition your hair before swimming, especially in the pool where the harsh chlorine chemicals can be particularly damaging to your hair. The same applies to the beach, where the combination of sand and water can irritate your hair. 
Add an extra protective step before swimming and coat your hair in a conditioning cream such as JUSTICE Professional Smooth and Groom before you hit the water. It will prevent your strands from absorbing as much water while deep conditioning at the same time. It’s a win both ways!

Never neglect your scalp.
Many people often neglect their scalp. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s less important to take the same care with your scalp that you do with the rest of your skin. How healthy your hair is, is directly related to how healthy your scalp is. By using JUSTICE Professional Cool Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, you will nourish and equalise the pH balance of your scalp, improving circulation to stimulate hair growth and leave your hair looking and feeling healthier. Plus, that Cool Mint tingle is so refreshing after a warm sunny day. 

So, what Style Cuts are trending this season? Let’s hear it from the experts at the Just Cuts Academy … 

What hair trends from Winter are staying, and what new styles do you think will be big for Spring and Summer?

ClaireI think the Shag Hair cut will stay and be big for Spring / Summer.
It’s a beautiful Style Cut that can be worked with any hair density and texture. It creates a fuller look on finer hair and removes weight on thicker hair.
The layers through the mid length and ends are easy to style whether you create waves, flicks, curly brush blow dry or leave naturally to dry. With the hotter months we create softer looks and the shag Style Cut really showcases this. 

JoshGuys are wearing more length in their hair, quiffs are higher, locks are longer, the shaggy mullet look across both men and women’s styling

What else is new in hair this season? We’ve heard embracing accessories is going to be a huge thing?

Claire: Glamorous Head Bands are really trending at the moment.
The Design, the materials – They are becoming a piece of jewellery. 
Especially making more of an added statement with your outfit and it really showcases a great blow dry. Glamorous Head Bands are a real showstopper!

Josh: Centre parts, loving this beautiful goddess look with healthy, treated, shiny hair with the slight hint of a wave and the strong centre part!!

What advice would you give to a client to help them navigate choosing a new season Style Cut?

Claire: I think it’s great to change up your Style Cut. A New Style Cut gives you a new lease of life!
Boosts Confidence and Pumps the self-endorphins.
But remember, hair is emotional, so you really need to think about it before you jump into the deep end. Think about your lifestyle. Do you need to tie your hair up? How much time do you spend styling your hair? Do you use products - Would you invest in them to help support the Style Cut? How often do you go the hair salon for a cut?
All the answers depend on if you go for a high maintenance style cut or a low maintenance style cut.
A style cut should always work for you, your personality and your lifestyle.

JoshResearch it! Look at what’s happening online, then bring this to your consultation so your Stylist can advise you on how to adapt that look to you!

Say someone comes to the salon for a new season Style Cut such as the one you mentioned above. What products from the JUSTICE Professional collection would you suggest they take home to use to maintain the look?

Claire: JUSTICE Professional Sea Salt Spray adds volume to roots and creates texture and separation to the mid length and ends. Perfect to spray into wet hair to help support your styling or spray it into dry hair when you are trying to re-boost the style in between shampoo’s.

Josh: I’m loving Curl Crème at the minute, used in long hair with a hint of a wave, adds maximum shine, softness to longer hair!

And, as the weather continues to warm up, what else can we do to make sure our hair stays healthy and glowing? 

Claire: Always make time for a weekly treatment! Your hair will thank you for it.

JoshWith our lives more active in Summer, get into wearable treatments. JUSTICE Professional Smooth & Groom and Protein Detangler Spray are daily wearable treatments that can be applied to damp or dry hair and have a UV blocker!

At the end of the day, you don’t need us to tell you that your hair needs to be treated well if it is going to look and feel healthy. Following these easy tips will ensure that your hair is ready for all the fun in the sun that Spring and Summer have to offer, even if it does just mean the only place you can flaunt it is within the four walls of your home for the foreseeable future. 

So, give your mood a boost and inspire a new mindset because there’s something about a healthy head of hair that makes us feel our best! And you might even be willing to turn the camera on in all your Zoom meetings?

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