Blonde Ambition

Achieve the ultimate blonde hair (that’s healthy too!)

It goes without saying that blonde hair needs TLC and requires a little extra maintenance. This is because blonde hair requires harsher chemical treatment than other shades, but having the right products makes looking after your hair easier than you think! It’s all about choosing the right combo and following a simple haircare regime so you can rock that sunkissed hair!


    Blonde hair needs support to help keep hydrated, improve condition, add shine, smoothness and body. Selecting a shampoo that is gentle on your hair and also works to promote body and texture will help you put your best foot forward. Your conditioner should focus on locking in moisture whilst adding shine and smoothness. Quality is key, so it is important to choose a professional product by consulting with a qualified Stylist.

    Natural elements such as wind, sun and water combined with the extremes that accompany each season change your hair needs. For blondes, this is even more crucial. To counter the effects of bleach, tints and sun, protein is essential to build strength to prevent the hair from becoming weak and dull. Selecting a treatment that repairs damage and strengthens hair without weighing it down is the way to go. Frequency is another important factor, if you frequently thermal style (straighteners and curling tongs) and have blonde hair you will benefit from applying a treatment 2-3 times a week. Your hair will love you for it!

    Blonde comes in so many shades and tones. Cool, warm, ash, golden, platinum…the list goes on! Keeping your colour looking great for longer comes down to the products you use and how often you need to use them. Violet shampoos and treatments are a great way to tone unwanted brassiness and help enhance the brightness of your colour. How often you should use colour enhancing and balancing products comes down to the results you want to achieve. Speak to your qualified Stylist to find out which prescription is right for your hair.


JUSTICE Professional Perfect Violet Shampoo works to remove unwanted brassy tones, camouflages grey hair, cleans and brightens grey, blonde and silver hair, plus, it gives shine without weighing the hair down.


JUSTICE Professional Perfect Violet Treatment Mask has been designed to revitalise highlighted or coloured hair and refresh natural grey/white hair with added strength. This hair mask adds shine and tone to the hair and minimises unwanted warmth.



JUSTICE Professional Smooth & Groom enriches your hair with hydrolysed silk protein to repair the structure of the hair and also adds shine. Smooth & Groom also works as a leave-in treatment to increase shine and softness, plus, tames frizz.


JUSTICE Professional Argan Oil works to add maximum shine to your hair without and oily feel and is also weightless making it perfect for daily use. JUSTICE Professional Argan Oil contains high levels of Vitamin E and natural moisturising agents to boost hydration.

JUSTICE Professional Treatment Conditioner is a light, everyday treatment conditioner designed for use on hair that needs more condition, strength and moisture. It also repairs and restores the pH level to the hair.